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As a homeowner, you can assist with energy security just by going solar. Once massive maturation of the use of solar power is materialized, expect that every household or industry on the planet is now powered by solar power. Should you not yet use solar power, you need to consider investing in it.

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The future of the solar power is upon us. It is rapidly becoming economically viable for everyday use in the home. In the not to distant future, reliable and affordable solar energy technologies will provide many homes around the world some form of this pure and clean primary energy resource.

This is a future that virtually all people should embrace. However, two distinct things must happen in order to reach this future: the cost of solar energy for the home must be reduced until it is reasonably competitive with other options; and solar power technologies reach a level of market penetration that enables a viable residential solar industry. Several solar power house applications have already converged upon technological and economic viability and others are nearing this critical juncture; as new technologies and economies of scale increasingly converge with government "green" financial initiatives.

The complete solar power house can consist of one or a combination of passive or active applications of solar hot water, heat, cooling, electricity, and lighting technologies. Passive systems are typically less costly and less complex than active systems. However, when retrofitting a house, active systems might be the only option for obtaining solar power.

As more and more houses are converted to solar energy they will add significantly to improvement in the quality of life by expanding inexpensive sustainable electricity, and by reducing unhealthy air emissions by displacing fossil-fuel energy systems with cost-effective solar energy systems.

Like anything else, knowledge is the key to success in any endeavor. Put more confidence in websites that tend to provide a wider selection of generic information about the diversity of approaches to solar power your house, rather than those that provide little informative content and mostly pitch products. Don't get in a rush to do anything. Learn, plan, test and then move forward as fast as your time, energy and funds permit.

One thing to consider in making your funds go further is a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. And one of the easiest and most cost-effective DIY projects is solar power hot water which accounts for about 25% of your electricity bill. There are a couple of exceptionally good DIY packages on the market that provide step-by-step instructions, instructional videos, and plans. And you don't need to be a whiz with tools to execute these programs, they are designed and explained for the novice.

The important thing is to get started learning because electricity is not going to get any cheaper and the environment is not going to get any cleaner unless a lot of us covert our homes to a solar power house.